My name is Shelby. Why the "Degenerate Artist" addition? I'm honoring artists who were victims of the Nazis in 1937. Look up "Entartete Kunst 1937" to understand the  full scale of the degradation and oppression of the Nazi's destruction of art. Most specifically, Modern Art. Many of my favorite artists were tagged as Modern Artists: Dali; Bourgeois; Picasso; Kahlo; Kandinsky; Klee; Miro; Duchamp; Rodin; Man Ray; Rauschenberg; Moore; Bacon. Because of Nazi trash, Paul Klee lost 102 works. 

Another reason for the addition is due to my ironic sense of humor. I'm very much a grassroots community artist and believe that art belongs to everyone. In the eyes of the purist elite, I am a degenerate artist because I don't put money before meaning and I am not a fan (understatement) of a vast majority of classical art. Landscapes and sitting portraits of some unknown person? No thanks. 

In addition to the above artists, I am a HUGE admirer of indigenous arts. Especially pre-Columbian Central (Olmec, Maya, Aztec) and South (Nasca, Moche, Wari, Inca) American and African art (Dan, Dogon, Yorubo). The bright and deep colors and symbolism of Oaxcan (Mexico) art owns a spot in my heart also.  

My art training began with my grandparents and great aunts and uncles teaching me to sew, carve, build, and gather natural objects to create cool art and toys. I have been a creative throughout my very challenging life of parental abuse, drugs, alcohol, and molestation. On September 9th of 2019, i will be clean 12 years. Art (and my loved ones) helped me get to this amazing point in my life. 

I graduated in May 2019 with my Bachelor of Art degree. Though I began as a social work major at Saginaw Valley State University, I quickly realized that social work was not the way I was meant to help in the world. My intention, originally, was to reach out to variously abled adults, adult homeless, and post incarcerated adults through art therapy. But I'm a hands on person. I need to be right there with people helping and not behind a desk.

Currently, I'm an art instructor, and assistant, for an art program that involves teaching art to variously abled adults and the general public. 

I'm now working on building my experience as an independent contractor in order to teach art at various locations. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little. I'll let my art tell the rest.